Kinkos Services

Kinkos services


Kinkos services – Kinkos do far more than just design and print business cards, they are a full service design and print service.  You may well be surprised as to the full extent of services that they can offer.

The range of services at Kinkos includes, but is not limited to, brochures, letterhead, flyers, custom printing, labels and postcards. This is not only printing but also design of these items. The majority of these services are available not only in Kinkos stores but also online. Even if your local store does not offer the full range of these services then they can access them through the group network on your behalf.

As you would expect from a company that is part of the FedEx group kinkos services also include a wide range of packing and fulfilment services. Not only can you purchase all your packaging materials in the Kinkos store but also dispatch your parcel from there as well.

A less well know kinkos service than the design / print services and delivery services that is available through kinkos stores is that of mailing list services.

Kinkos direct mail services not only includes the design and printing of direct mail material but also mailing list management, cleansing and distribution. Kinkos will also stuff your envelopes, address them and deliver them to the postal service for distribution. In fact they can even assist in providing mailing list data if you do not have your own mailing list (via a third party service). Therefore all you really need to do is provide the content for your mail shot and Kinkos will design , print, address and distribute your mail for you.

As can be seen from the above list the range of kinkos services is wider than most people would normally consider and kinkos are much more than just a print shop.