Kinkos Printers

Kinkos Printers – do they only produce business cards or are they capable of producing a wider range of materials than just business cards?

The answer to this question is a very emphatic yes; kinkos printing centres are a full range print shop that can produce a varied range of items that includes:
Kinkos postcards – a range of postcards from simple black and white mailers to full colour promotional postcards
kinkos print labels – have your sticky labels pre printed by kinkos
Kinkos brochures – looking to produce high quality, glossy colour brochures for your business then kinkos can help you with this. Anything from small and simple black and white documents through to multi page full blown colour can be produced.
kinkos flyers – if you need flyers for your business (either to be handed out or to be included in publications) then you can have them produced at your local kinkos printing centre.
kinkos letterhead – most businesses now choose to have their letterheads pre printed rather than actually printing them as part of each document, again Kinkos Printers can help you with this.
kinkos custom printing – although there is a wide range of print types and output formats in the above list there will always be someone who has a custom requirement. You do not have to be limited to a defined format, size or style of publication. Kinkos can work with you to help meet your exact requirements, even if they are completely non standard.
The majority of the above services can be ordered directly in the local store or online via the kinkos website. Not only are production and printing services available but also a full range of design services as well. If you are uncertain about your requirements then you can always discuss them with a member of staff who are there to help you with your print requirements.