Kinkos London

Kinkos LondonKinkos London

Kinkos originally established 4 central London shops plus another shop in Reading however these stores were bought out by The Color Company in April 2009. They have now been rebranded as Color Company sites but still offer other FEDEX services such as parcel services. The stores were located in High Holborn Street, Curzon Street, Cannon Street and London Wall.


In addition to the Fedex services that they offer they still also offer a full range of print and design services – business cards, brochures, design , print management etc. They can be considered to be a one stop shop for all your design, print and stationery needs.


Whilst some people may be disappointed that Kinkos no longer operate in their area they can be assured that the same level of service and quality can be expected from the new owners. Obviously a knock on effect of the withdrawal of Kinkos form the London market will mean no further expansion will occur in the UK (nor probably Europe).


Fedex have obviously decided to concentrate on their home (US) market for their Kinkos brand.