Kinkos business cards printing

Kinkos business cards printing

Kinkos business cards printing is a quick and efficient way of getting your business cards produced. Business cards are one of the most straightforward and flexible ways of Kinkos business cards printingpromoting your business and should form part of your marketing strategy.

Of course one of the most important aspects of your business card is the look and feel of the card (i.e. the design of it) but the cards will be of no use if you do not get them printed. The printing of the cards is an important aspect to consider as inferior quality printing may devalue all the effort you have put into design, layout and content. A cheaply printed card can make your business look cheap and nasty in the eyes of the person receiving it. Therefore you need to pay nearly as much attention to kinkos business cards printing as you do to design etc.

Another important factor to take into consideration when looking at kinkos business cards printing is that of quantity. It is important to find the right balance between getting a good price for the printing and having too many cards. Particularly in the early days of your business it is imperative that you manage your cash flow and paying for the printing of 100,000 business cards just save a fraction of a penny on each card may not be the most sensible option. You need to estimate your potential usage of the cards and order accordingly. Conversely it may also be counterproductive to order  far too few cards – not only in terms of not achieving any bulk printing savings that are on offer but also through the inconvenience of having to frequently return to the print shop for your new batch of cards.

When choosing printing you should also consider the materials that the business card is printed on. Again there will be a cost / quality trade off – you do not want to use the most expensive materials in the world and make costs prohibitive but nor do you want to use materials that make your business look cheap or fly by night.

You may also need to check the delivery times offered by your chosen printers – it is no good using a printer that cannot deliver your cards for two weeks if you have a major trade show the next day. There is also no point paying for urgent printing if you have no real need for the cards on an urgent basis.

Kinkos business cards printing therefore needs a little more consideration than you may first at thought. There are cost / quality trade off, cash flow, customer perception and efficient purchasing factors to be taken into account.