Kinkos Business Cards Design

Kinkos Business Cards Design

Kinkos Business Cards DesignKinkos Business Cards Design – One of the key elements of your business is, obviously, the design of the thing. But design is not a simple thing and it is certainly not just about having your company logo on it (although that is very important).


So what do you need to consider when designing your business cards, here are our top tips for business card design:-


a)      Branding – your card should match any corporate branding you already have – this includes logo, colour scheme, font, strap line etc . Your card may be the only piece of corporate branding a perspective client sees so it must help to establish the brand.


b)       Information – it is important not to lose sight of what a business card is for – to get your contact details in front of client eyeballs. It is of absolutely no use to have a high design, corporately branded card if your potential cannot find your telephone number on it !. The information should include Name, Telephone Number (mobile and fixed if applicable), Email and Physical address, website and of course your name and job title so the client knows who they are speaking to. Perhaps equally as bad as having too little information is having too much – do not try and list every product, service, location, branch etc on your card – the important stuff will get lost and the card will not get used.


c)       Look and feel (aka the actual design) – you need to balance getting the right information on the card (see above) with getting across your corporate identity. It is simple things that tend to make a card stand out – a higher quality card, a slightly off colour card (nothing too garish !) or a clever strap line. Do not try and fill every millimetre of space on the card with text or design items – clear space is restful on the eye and can actually increase the impact of a card.


d)      Size – this might seem a strange one but deviating too far from the standard 3 and half inches by 2 inches can be a serious mistake. OK so your oversize card might have some novelty value when first distributed but when it gets back to the office and will not fit neatly in the business card storage or even in the wallet where is it going to go – the bottom of the drawer or even the bin !.


Kinkos Business Cards Design is important if you want to maximise the effectiveness of your cards. Do not over design your card, follow the simple tips outlined above and you should be able to produce something that is simple but purposeful and that contributes to your overall marketing efforts.