Kinkos Business Cards Cost

Kinkos business cards cost

Kinkos business cards cost – an important consideration when buying your business cards. As in every walk of life the cost of an item is an important consideration when making a purchase and this is equally true in business, particularly a small or new business.

Kinkos business cards costAny prudent business person will research business costs and try to find the best value for money for any item they are purchasing for the business. This same approach should be used when buying business cards even though each batch is of comparatively low cost the total cost over a longer period can soon mount up.

Whilst cost of business cards can vary dramatically dependent on design , supplier, quality of card, volume and other factors a good ball park figure is around $50 per 1000 for plain cards or $60 per 1000 for high gloss versions (these prices are based on Kinkos prices in mid 2012).

If you are doing your research on the web then you will probably see many offers for business card printing that, at face value, seem to offer much cheaper (sometimes free !) printing of cards.  My advice is that you need to be slightly cautious of many of these offers as many of the free offers have details of the supplier printed on the card, use inferior quality material or have other some other limitations.

You should always bear in mind that many people will see your card, indeed for some it may be the only material they ever see from your business; hence you need to ensure you project the right image. Free cards with printing company details on them, in my opinion, do not give an impression of a professional, long term business.

There are also advantages in paying an established and reputable provider a reasonable amount for your cards. These advantages include consistent quality, guaranteed ability to supply and not having to set up your design with a new company each time you want to produce a new batch. Obviously I am not advocating paying through the nose just because you have an established relationship with a supplier but I am saying be wary of the hidden costs of constantly switching suppliers (design time, setup time, quality, etc). What it may be useful to do is to carry out some comparative price reviews and feedback the results of these reviews to your supplier to help make sure they stay competitive.

In summary Kinkos business cards cost around 50$ per 1000 and this should be the benchmark you use when doing your purchasing.