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Free Business Cards

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free business cards

In these harsh economic times every business is looking to cut costs and that is in every area from the biggest areas of expenditure to the smallest. One of these costs is printing costs with many businesses asking themselves – in the digital age why am I spending so much money on printing ?. One of the items that often gets examined within the spectrum of printing costs is business cards.

When looking at the cost of cards an obvious question is : why don’t we just use one of those free business cards offers you see on the internet. Indeed there are many such sites offering free business cards printing, for example easyprint, vistaprint and moo to name just a few. Well the obvious advantage of these sites are that they offer a free service, however there are several possible disadvantages as well :

1) Nearly all free business card printing services will put their name and url on the card somewhere so you will advertising their services as well as your own each time you hand out your cars.

2) Design choices are often limited (usually only to a restricted range of templates) so your ability to be unique disappears and hence it is more difficult to stand out from the crowd

3) Quantities are almost always limited so unless you do not need mnay cards this may make the free option non viable

4) The quality of paper they are printed on is usually low quality (after all they are free so what do you expect!)

5) Options (other than design options discussed earlier) may also be limited – card size, finish etc would not normally be optional and you would be restricted to the default option.

So in conclusion I woudl say that unless you have a really low budget, only need very limited quantities or are not concerned about limited design choices then free business cards are not the way to go.