Business card sizes – your choices

Business card sizes – time for something a little different?

As I sit here and leaf through my folder of business cards that I have accumulated through my working life ( we are not talking a vast selection here, just a little over a hundred) I am struck by the uniformity of the size of the cards. I only have one card that deviates from the “standard” credit card sized offerings of around 10cm by 5cm.

Business card sizes

Now there are obvious reasons and advantages for this apparent standardisation of business card sizes– card holders (such as my own) are created to accept a standard size, they fit neatly into wallets that are designed to take credit cards, there is a reasonable trade-off between size and capacity to carry the required information etc. However perhaps there is an opportunity to perhaps stand out from the crowd by using a non-standard size?


The one card (which represents less than one percent of my collection) that deviates from the norm for business card sizes certainly has a high degree of visual impact – I notice it every time I am going through the collection. The way they have chosen to go is for a half size version i.e. around 5cm square. This size still fits in wallets, card holders etc but adds a great deal to the impact of the card.


I have not received an oversized card and therefore do not have one in my “collection” to compare to and I suspect this is for purely practical reasons – an oversize card would not fit in standard card holders , wallets etc therefore I suspect that they would be consigned to the bottom of the drawer and would languish there unnoticed until they are disposed of.


So when considerin business card sizes the high visual impact, practicality (i.e. ability to fit in standard holders and wallets) and pure novelty factor I would recommend looking at the smaller size business cards if you are looking for something to really make your card stand out and get noticed.