Business Card Design Software

Business Card Design Software

Business card design software is desktop software that allows you to design and print your own business cards from your own PC or Mac. There are a wide range of packages available including freeware and paid versions, versions for windows and for macs etc.

There are several advantages of using business card design software, these include:

  • Complete flexibility of design, layout, content and colour schemes  – by putting complete control of the design process back in your hands you have the flexibility to design exactly what you want
  • Cost – by going down the do it yourself route there is potential to save money, after all designers and printers have to make a living so they will all add a margin to your business card production costs
  • Repeatability – by creating and owning the design you will ensure that you will always have access to the designs and not be subject to the risk that your designer and printer will go out of business and take your designs with them.
  • Customised / specific cards – by having complete control you also have the ability to create very specific cards e.g. for temporary staff, to highlight a specific promotion, for use at a trade show etc. This is particularly true when you factor in the reduced production costs if you are printing the cards as well.

Business Card Design SoftwareOn the flip side there are also disadvantages of using business card design software, these include :

  • Time – if you are not careful large tracts of time can be consumed as you search for that perfect design / layout / colour scheme – remember you have a day job to do
  • Lack of professional design input – designers are professionally trained, experienced in their field and have a degree of creativity that most “ordinary folk” do not, they can bring ideas and experience of what works to a business card design project
  • Risk of amateur / cheap cards being produced – if you lack design experience and try to cut too many corners you run the risk of producing a poor quality, cheap looking card that can create the wrong impression of your business – directly the opposite of what you were trying to achieve.

In addition to considering the advantages and disadvantages of business card design software you will also need to consider what else you may need in order to be able to produce your business cards. This may include a business card printer, business card blanks, a business card cutter or other related materials.