Business Card Cutters and Printers

Business Card Cutters and Printers

Business card cutters and printers are used in the production of business cards. A business card cutter is a device for cutting card and paper into business card shapes (and usually a number of other shapes as well). It has two main uses:
1)      To cut cards on a commercial basis for use in printers, business card producers etc

2)      For in house production of business cards (particularly where cost savings or total control of the production process is important)


Business Card Cutters and PrintersBusiness Card Printers are printers that are specifically designed for printing business cards, they exist in two main forms – ones that accept pre-cut blank business cards (usually via a hopper arrangement) or those that accept sheets of card or paper for later cutting. When used with Business Card Cutters (or pre bought business card blanks) they can provide a complete end to end business card production facility.

Having both Business card cutters and printers can not only help to save costs when producing your cards but also give great flexibility in terms of design options, custom made cards, short run cards (for temporary staff etc), emergency card production (if stocks run out) and even for producing mock up cards to be sent out for professional printing at a later date.

Whether or not to purchase a business card cutter and / or printer is a decision largely based on volumes – if you are producing large numbers of cards or lots of bespoke cards thne it may be cost effective to purchase one or both of these devices. Howver if you only ever use a small number of cards then it will not be economical. Remember it is not only the cost of the machines themselves you must factor in but also the running costs (maintenance etc) and the cost of consumables.