Business Card Blanks

Business Card Blanks

Business card blanks are, as the name suggests, simply blank business cards. So the Business Card Blanksobvious question is what would you use business card blanks for?, there are a few possible answers for this :-

1)      To use as a temporary business card until your new fully printed cards arrive from the printers (or whilst you have temporarily run out of your existing cards)

2)      To issue to temporary members of staff when you do not want to go to the expense of paying for fully printed cards as usage would only be short term.

3)      To use to create designs and mock ups for your final cards – by using the correct sized business card blanks you can easily see how the final card might look.

4)      If you are printing your own cards using business card printer or other device.

5)      If you are a very creative person and want to create individually designed cards for each contact you want to give a card to.

6)      If you only have a short term need for business cards and you are unlikely to need cards on a medium or long term basis

7)      For other uses other than the production of business cards – name badges, place makers and numerous other applications.

Business card blanks are available from most major stationery retailers and are usually available in a range of weights (thickness), colour and size. Alternatively you could always produce your own business card blanks by hand cutting or by the use of a business card cutter.

As you can see from the above list there may be many more uses of business card blanks than you might have previously imagined. A they are normally very low cost items I would recommend you buy some in and keep them in stock just in case the need ever arises for them.