Compliments slips

Compliments slips

Whilst it may seem strange to write about compliments slips on a website dedicated to business cards but in many ways they are related. Compliments slips are similar to business cards in the following ways:

  • They convey important company information including up to date contact and address information
  • They are part of your corporate branding
  • They are a potential medium for distributing important messages to your customers
  • They are a physical reminder of you and your company / product
  • They can be used in ways electronic media cannot e.g. left in dispensers, included with physical materials etc.

Compliment slips are typically much larger than business cards (the usual size for a compliment slip is 1/3rd A4 i.e. the size of an A4 sheet cut into 3 horizontally). They also tend to be produced on standard paper and not card. The fact that they are not on card and are derived from a standard size of paper makes them much easier and more economic to produce on a DIY basis.

Anyone can (and if you are shipping a physical product or printed materials you certainly should be producing them) their own compliments slips. A basic design can be used (templates for basic and more advanced designs are readily available on the web – just search). All really need is a word processing package (and who does not have one of those these days) and a printer.

Compliments slips

The basic of rules of what should and should not be included on a compliments slip are broadly similar to those for business cards. The one caveat we would have is that the design should maybe be toned down a little compared to a business card but key essentials such as name , address and contact details should always be present.

The larger size of compliments slips compared to a business gives then a key advantage – an larger area which can be used to convey messages to the customer. Whilst we do not recommend that all the space on a compliments slip is filled with close type text there is certainly an opportunity to include a short (usually handwritten) message to the customer.

So in summary a compliments slip is a simple, easy and cheap to produce addition to your marketing toolbox. It is something you should be actively using and including with your packages as you send them out to your customers – don’t forget a little personal message can make a world of difference as well.