Kinkos Business Cards

Kinkos Business Cards

Kinkos Business Cards are a cheap and effective way of getting your business details in front of potential customer’s eyeballs. Business cards are used widely across many industries as a way of leaving a lasting reminder of you, your company and your products with your client.

Kinkos business cardsA well designed business card can have an immediate visual impact, quickly convey your main marketing message and also get your contact details into the hands of the people who most want it.

They can be one of the most cost effective ways of spending your marketing budget (especially if you take advantage of online offers such as those offered when buying Kinkos business cards, or indeed many other online retailers). They really can be as cheap as a few dollars per hundred cards (particularly if you do not go overboard on fancy paper, multiple colours, extravagant design etc).

It is important to bear in mind when you are designing a business card that it should be sharp and punchy – people do not have the time or inclination to wade through a load of close typed text just to find your telephone number. It should also convey you key marketing message – a potential client should be able to at least get an impression of what your business does by looking at the card.

Business Cards are particularly useful to distribute when amongst groups of people – where it may not be acceptable to wander around a conference or meeting with armfuls of flyers, brochures etc you can always discretely distribute cards. People will also be less inclined to put them straight in the trash as they are not cumbersome to carry, can be easily stored in a jacket pocket or handbag and will not get in the way when people try to carry on with their daily tasks.

As a minimum you should have your company name, logo, strapline, own name, full contact details (telephone, mobile, email) and full address on the card in an obvious and easy to read format. Like all marketing material if it is not clear or requires effort to extract information from then it is significantly less likely to be used. One area that you have more scope for creativity is on the rear of the card – further marketing messages, additional graphics and other material can be placed on the rear of the card. Your Kinkos Business Cards should reflect your business image.

To summarise – Kinkos business cards can be a very flexible and cost effective medium to help boost the marketing efforts of your business and not something that should be ignored in this increasingly competitive age.

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We all know the name Kinkos and have probably even been into one of their stores and used their services (and we have written a lot about the range of services already on thsi website !). But where did Kinkos come from and what are their origins ?

Well one of the most fascinating things about the company is the name itself – rather than being created about a product or person or even dreamt up by some high flying marketing guy it actually originated from a nickname. The company was found in 1970 by Paul Orfalea and because Paul had curly hair he was known as “Kinko” and a new brand was born !. The first kinkos copy shop was opened with only a single copying machine on a sidewalk near the University of California in Santa Barabara.

Kinkos - Paul Orfalea

Paul was to grow the company to over 130 shops (largely run through “partnerships” with the owners of each shop) and he stayed with the comany until 200o when a dispute with Clayton, Dubilier & Rice  led to his departure ( Clayton, Dubilier & Rice  where a large invetsment company to whom Paul had sold a considerable stake of the growing busines to in 1997)

The business model was not a traditional franchise model where new owners buy new stores and an off the shelf business package and support that enables them to get up and running quickly, insted new shop owners became “partners” in the business. It went down this route as this was believed to offer the most flexible and easy to administer method of growing the company.

In 2004 Kinkos was bought by Fedex for around $2.4 billion and this began a long and painful move from the traditional name of Kinkos to Fedex Office (through the transitionary Fedex Kinkos). Such was customer familiarty and loyalty to the brand that even after the name charges large signs had to be placed in store windows saying “Kinkos Inside”

As well as growing the size of the business Paul Orfalea also grow the range of servise offered from pure copy shop to full print servcies, design and IT sevices. May stores also stocked a range of stationwery plays to supplemet their print and copy business. After it was taken over by Fedex the range of services was also extended through access to the wide range of Fedex parcel and distribution services.

The company also grew internationally with outlets as far and wide as South Kuwait, Lebanon, Europe and Japan (although the Japanese branches were later sold to Konica Minolta)

As you can see the company grew from a tiny beginning to a huge multi national worth billions of dollars in only 30 years – quite an achievement for its founder and namesake Paul “Kinko”Orfalea !






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